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Up Close. Interview with Modesto


Modesto chosen their bands name as it means Modest in Spanish. They add that it was a faith to start performing as a band since 2016. Having passions as cats and cricket the band finds time to answer questions and gives you a chance to meet them before the upcoming gig on 14th of September in The Workman’s club.

Q.: What was your musical path till the point you are now?

A.: We played together as kids in a band, split up, traveled the world, joined other bands, those broke up and then finally we got back together as a 3 piece before American Shane joined the band in the run up to our gig at EP last year.

Q.: How do you get along in the band?

A.: Like prisoners with Stockholm Syndrome.

Q.: How much music means to you?

A.: Depends what language the lyrics are in

Q.: What are the highs and lows in the band’s history?

A.: High’s – Supporting Ham Sandwich in Sligo, Playing EP, A packed out gig in Whelans last April and a particularly strong strain of grass called ‘not dark thoughts’.
Lows – 2nd place in the Dublin Limbo Championships.

Q.: Do you set the goals you want to reach as a band every season/year?

A.: Not really – we tend to take our direction mostly from fortune cookies.

Q.: What is the biggest dream you have as a band?

A.: To score the winning goal for Ireland in a world cup final.

Q.: How do you describe the music you play?

A.: Heavy Blues Rock.

Q.: Where do you get inspiration for the music?

A.: Life experiences, interesting stories and ideas, dreams, back of cereal boxes, Dave the homeless guy.

Q.: What is the hardest and the best part of being a part of a band?

A.: Playing gigs is the best craic. It;s easy to write a crap song so writing good songs is the hardest.

Q.: What are you expecting from upcoming gig in The Workman’s club on 14th of September?

A.: Expect nothing. Give everything.

Q.: And what should the audience expect from you?

A.: Cats mostly… with a little bit of cricket.


Modesto is going to perform on Thursday, 14th of September in The Workman’s club together with The Revellions, Anna-Liese and Mike Paterson.

Babylon radio will be broadcasting live, don’t forget to listen if you cannot make it to the gig.

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