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Up Close. Sextet from Dublin. Interview with The Revellions


The Revellions started their musical path as a group in 2006. The sextet based in Dublin city play a mixed sound of Garage Surf Rock with a side order of psychedelic music. With two albums already under their belt, the prolific quintet are currently in the process of recording their third. On this Thursday, 14th of September The Revellions will be performing in The Workman’s club and promised many surprises and, of course, songs from the final album. Before coming to see them live, meet them from closer in this interview.

Q.: The Revellions, what does it mean?

A.: The band’s name came from the word revel, which means to enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way, sometimes too much and you know how that is. It was twisted into The Revellions soon after I suppose it jumped off the tongue easy.

Q.: How did you find each other and come up with idea to perform together?

A.: To be honest , there has been many members in this band and I don’t think I could go through them all in such a short interview but I will say I have been lucky enough to have played and socialized with some of the greatest people you could ever come across.

Q.: Which part of your life is dedicated to music?

A.: Music is a big part of our life. As a writer, performer and especially as fans.

Q.: Did you play in other bands before?

A.: We all have had our past with the music somehow. For some of us it’s been the first band and for others another one. For example for James and Michael it’s been their band since the beginning. Juan has been in different bands in Spain and here in Ireland. But we all had some kind of experience before, either listening and playing it at home or putting in to practice in bands since a good time ago.

Q.: What was your musical path till the place you are now? Any music schools, parents musicians or any of those two?

A.:  James: I was lucky enough to have a lot music in my house when I was a kid. My mam is a big fan of Elvis/The Beatles and many 60/70s artists (too many to mention) and my older sisters would have music playing on the radio all the time. I didn’t start playing guitar till I was 18, but I suppose it didn’t seem unnatural to start that late, and because of the music I was brought up on, I guess subconsciously it has been a big influence for the style I write, play and love listening to, even up to now in my life.

Juan: Pretty much started as my main hobby when I was 23 and always played it by ear. Not a serious music education I’ve had, just intuition and groove. Have listened to lots of music and played nearly every style of music.

Anna has had a very good music education and is working very actively with keys, synth and echo with the band. Also Michael is a very good drummer that has worked on it a lot and he’s got one of the most precise ears I’ve ever seen!

Sean has always had a good ear for music and played it as a hobby, also good with lyrics too!

Q.: How would you describe your own music?

A.: I don’t know if I can describe it, I guess we use equipment based from 60s/70s genre but it always ends up sounding like us, no matter what sound we go for.

Q.: What message would you like to send to those who listens to your music?

A.: You will not be disappointed with what’s coming and we’re preparing for this year on with the new album, formation and set lists for our upcoming gigs.

Q.: In your opinion, what makes your band a unique one?

A.: The Revellions sound  is a very unique .we have never been a verse/ bridge / chorus kind of band, and in a lot of ways we are selfish, as we write music we would like to hear and not so much for others. This is the reason we don’t sound generic and why you can tell The Revellions record if you hear it.

Q.: Is it hard to be seen in Ireland where there are so many great musicians?

A.: It can be hard to be seen in Ireland but I don’t believe it’s because of the great musicians stealing the stage but more because of marketing that they are force feeding to the public. But you’re right, this country has so much talent.

Q.: Do you have some certain goals that you want to accomplish as a band? Maybe it is number of tickets sold for your concert, the stage you would like to perform on or just huge number of views on YouTube?

A.: There is a great vibe in The Revellions and this a lot to do with our creativity, if I was trying to have a goal for the band, it would be to maintain this.

Q.: You are planning to release 3d album in the end of this year. How is it going so far?

A.: What can I say, the making of this album has been a lot of fun and sometimes torture but mainly fun, we have just got back the mixes with the track listing and it’s sounding great, the masters arrive next week and then will start working on the artwork and the label to get it pressed. It’s going to be huge!

Q.: Where do you get an inspiration for your music?

A.: Several influences, groups and vibes. Good thing is that the band is formed for different people and everyone adds their little bit into the song based on their personal influences. We do share similar likes but individually we reach a wider range of music.

Q.: Are you excited about upcoming gig in The Workman’s club? What audience should expect from you for that night’s performance? Any songs from the upcoming album?
A.: We are looking forward to it ! Specially after all the work we’ve been doing lately. We are going to release a powerful set list for that night as we have a couple of surprises for it. The set list will have some songs from the final album of course. It is going to be a great night and we will give you guys something to look forward to the next one !


The Revellions is going to perform on Thursday, 14th of September in The Workman’s club together with ModestoAnna-Liese and Mike Paterson.

Babylon radio will be broadcasting live, don’t forget to listen if you cannot make it to the gig.

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