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Up Close. Solo Performer Mike Paterson. INTERVIEW


Mike Paterson was performing since he was a teenager. While being a part of the rock band Travis Oaks he still made solo performances. When, as he says, after many years of taking part in the band he ran out of the passion and drive he moved on as a solo performer. This Thursday he will be performing solo for the first time on the Workman’s club stage. Before the live performance with his acoustic Indie/Folk music Mike gives us the chance to meet him from closer.

Q.: Which part of your life is dedicated to music?
A.: Well funnily enough I’m after taking my first proper day job. Music was my entire life for years, either playing or being involved in production or gig running. It actually feels nice to have a different job to focus on for a while, and get back to enjoying music a little bit more.

Q.: What was your musical path till the place you are now?
A.: Yeah I started with tin whistle lessons when I was 4, but that didn’t last long. I began playing Piano when I was 8, and did the Grades, up to 5. Did music for the Leaving Cert. My immediate family don’t play music at all, but some of my cousins and aunts and uncles do.

Q.: What message would you like to send to those who listens to your music?
A.: Hm, each song usually has it’s own particular theme. I don’t really have a message for my audience, except certain songs, like my newest release Loose Change, is about the importance of friendship.

Q.: In your opinion, what makes you a unique performer?
A.: I think I have a unique perspective on life, and I’m told my Lyrics create vivid imagery in the listener’s mind.

Q.: Is it hard to be seen in Ireland where there are so many great musicians?

A.: Ha yes it can be a problem. If you really want to get seen, you can choose to play certain types of music and it’s easier.

Q.: Do you have some certain goals that you want to accomplish? Maybe it is number of tickets sold for your concert, the stage you would like to perform on or just huge number of views on YouTube?
A.: Right now it’s making an album of my own songs, but this will be a long process. We got close to an album with Travis Oaks, but we were more of a gigging band. Now I’d like to take the time to work on a full album of my own songs. Now that I’ve established myself as an individual artist.

Q.: Where do you get an inspiration for your music?

A.: Haha heartbreak, or falling in love usually.

Q.: What comes first for you? Melody or lyrics? And to which of those are you giving more attention?
A.: Both kind of come together for me. A melody might pop into my head, but that could be triggered by a certain set of words. I give them both the same attention, because for me the rhythm and melody are guided by the words.

Q.: Are you excited about upcoming gig in The Workman’s club? What audience should expect from you for that night’s performance?

A.: Yeah of course I am, it’s my first time playing Workmans as a solo performer, but I’ve played it countless times with Travis Oaks, and it’s one of my favourite venues. I guess they should expect simple songs, with sweet melodies.


Mike Paterson is going to perform on Thursday, 14th of September in The Workman’s club together with Modesto, Anna-Liese and The Revellions.

Babylon radio will be broadcasting live, don’t forget to listen if you cannot make it to the gig.

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