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Dublin city council issues warning for rickshaw users


The Dublin city council on Friday issued a public advisory notice warning people of the safety hazards of using unlicensed rickshaws. The vehicles, which are often motorised, are a popular form of transportation for late night partygoers and revellers in the city centre.

“Dublin City council wishes to advise members of the public, for their own safety and the safety of others, that rickshaws operating in Dublin City are not regulated by DCC or otherwise and that some rickshaw operators appear not to have public liability insurance,” said the council in the notice posted on its website.

It was reported earlier in the year that the council had hoped to ban the mode of transport entirely by the end of 2017. There have been a number of accidents in the past with people falling out of rickshaws and of collisions with other vehicles – it’s a real worry because the combination of crowds and alcohol and narrow streets is very dangerous.

“Rickshaws are a real difficulty in in Dublin because they’re unregulated,” Green Party councillor Ciaran Cuffe told “We have written to the Department of Transport seeking such regulation and we’re still waiting for that to happen,” he added.

Chairman of the Dublin City Joint Policing Committee Daithi De Roiste hit out at rickshaws earlier this year, calling the city centre a “free for all” at the weekends and demanding the issue be sorted. Last year, a woman was forced to have surgery after being launched out of a rickshaw and injuring herself.


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  1. Wanderley Massafelli on

    Hi, guys, I guess this short piece of work can help you to have a different view from the Rickshaw in Dublin, not a better one or worse but at least you may hear both sides.
    First, I’m not here at all defending the Rickshaw at all, I know some of then are doing plenty of illegal things as the media has present already, but you cannot condemn a class of workers who just wants to make a living abroad like any other person who travels for any reason and just want to be able to survive and be respected.

    This video is about the Rickshaw Community in Dublin, presenting their personal stories, presenting a different view about those who are at night commuting young Irish people and tourists around Dublin city centre.

    This documentary is an urgent call to action from the Irish government to create effective regulation to deal with rickshaw drivers and problems from racism, some abuse from few Garda members, and drugs selling creating a safe environment to the users of the rickshaw and decent human job conditions to the drivers.

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