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10% don´t speak Irish or English at Home

By admin / June 17, 2015

The world has more the 6,000 languages, 182 you can listen in Ireland

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Outside home´s door: “Good Morning”. Inside: “Dzień dobry”, “Bonjour”or “Bună dimineaţa”. In Ireland, more than one in 10 speak a language other than English or Irish when at home. The 2011 census recorded a total of 182 different languages spoken across the State. The most common first language is Polish; in Dublin more than twelve thousand people speak Polish at home. The next most popular is the French with more than 8 thousand speakers.

This huge number of different languages is a sign of how Ireland has become attractive to foreigners. The number of foreign nationals living in the country jumped 30% in five years. Dublin city, Fingal and Cork county are the most popular area for foreigners.

The Irish Times has analysed the data from the census and made a list with the most common languages across the counties and in Dublin’s four council areas. Click here to see the all numbers.

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