Allardyce leaves England job after one game

Sam Allardyce

Allardyce’s 67-day reign as England manager is finished, but he leaves with a 100% win record…

Sam Allardyce was seen on camera giving advice to reporters acting as Asian businessmen on how to “avoid rules” about third-party ownership of players. In a video filmed by undercover reporters, Allardyce said it was “not a problem” to get around the rules introduced by the Football Association, back in in 2008. He told the reporters he knew of some people “doing it all the time” and added: “You can still get around it. I mean obviously the big money’s here.” Allardyce negotiated an offer that would see him fly to Hong Kong and Singapore four times a year to speak to investors in a company that wanted to buy footballers, in return he would be paid £400,000 a year.

In a statement Sam Allardyce said:

“It was a great honour for me to be appointed back in July and I am deeply disappointed at this outcome.

“This afternoon, I met with Greg Clarke and Martin Glenn and offered a sincere and wholehearted apology for my actions.

“Although it was made clear during the recorded conversations that any proposed arrangements would need the FA’s full approval, I recognise I made some comments which have caused embarrassment.

“As part of today’s meeting, I was asked to clarify what I said and the context in which the conversations took place. I have co-operated fully in this regard.

“I also regret my comments with regard to other individuals.”

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