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Who doesn’t love a good quality alcohol?  Everyone likes to chill and have a couple of drinks. Being in Ireland you have to try the most famous beer Guinness, however there isn’t only one brand of beer and you’re gonna have a chance to try many tasty types of craft beverages during the Craft Brews and Food Fair, which takes place 23-25 of February at the Convention Centre Dublin. It’s the biggest craft beer festival, that’s why you cannot miss it! Apart from tasty and diverse drinks, you will be entertained by delicious food and home-grown music talent.

The music is very diverse, that’s why everyone will find something for themselves. The first band which kicks-off the festival is the Rackhouse Pilfer if you are fond of country music and an American style, you’re definitely gonna like this gig. They are pretty well-known in countries such as Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and The  Netherlands. However if you are not a big fan of this kind of music, you will not be disappointed, the festival provides other bands with variety sound such as the Smash Hits, the Spring Break, Hermitage Green, Rhythm & Beats, Brass Tacks, The Camembert Quartet. The first band the Smash Hits will entertain you with hits from 90s. Hermitage Green amuses you with funky pop music, however if you wait for strong sounds which bring you to another world the Rhythm & Beats band is exactly for you. What is more you will not only enjoy the incredible music but irish dancing as well. After this an amazing performance the Brass Tacks takes the stage. Check out their rock style cover of Bruno Mars’s song “Locked out of heaven”, unquestionably they rock! The festival will come to an end with the Camembert Quartet. The band plays cheerful pop/rock music, you’re going to have fun while listening to them.

Are you interested in process of making beer? At the website you can find an interview with co-founder of Wicklow Wolf Brewing Company Simon Lynch. You get to know about company, products and if you have any questions about a brew, you can catch Simon Lynch at the festival. You can find many diverse brewers such as the Black Donkey Brewing,  Reel Deel Brewery, Jack cody’s Brewery, Galway Hooker Brewery and brands specialize in cyder for instance Long Meadow Cider and Longueville House Cider of course it’s not all. To learn more about the exhibitors check the website.

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Here you can check how the festival looks like.

Tickets are for 15 euros, booking is free!

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The festival gathers people from the entire world, you don’t wanna miss this international party with good beers and food.

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