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Ana-Maria Hota

Meet Ana

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Hi Everyone! My name is Ana-Maria Hota, and I am the author of the blog ‘Life in Dublin’, which I have written since 2013 when I moved to Dublin from Zagreb, Croatia. In my free time I am also a singer and actress. I love Dublin because it is an interesting city with a great vibe and a lot of cool people from all over the world.  In my job as a hairstylist I meet local people and foreigners, and I enjoy exploring different cultures, different subjects, opinions and different life styles.
My motto: ‘What makes you different, makes you beautiful‘.

About the show
In Be Different, we talk about topics related to the life of expats, from homesickness to cultural differences. I invite interesting guests,  travel writers, famous and anonymous people who can inspire you and motivate you to try different things in life. During the show, you can listen to the best music from old and new pop and rock ballads to hits from current top lists. Be yourself,  be different.  Tune in every Thursday from 8-9pm.


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