Ards Forest Park

ards park

Ards Forest Park

Localisation : Sheephaven Bay, Creeslough Donegal, Republic of Ireland 

Ards Forest Park is a large, publicly-accessible area of parklands located on the northern coastline of Donegal. Near the town of Dunfanaghy, the park encompasses perhaps the widest variety of landscapes of any of Ireland’s many forest parks.It is probably one of the most beautiful and varied of Ireland's forest parks. The park stretches to 118,00 acres (480 hectares) — or the size of over a hundred thousand football fields.

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Natural Features

In addition to the coastal area of Sheephaven’s Bay, the park includes a variety of habitats, like :

  • Lakes

  • Salt marshes

  • Sandy beaches

  • Valleys

  • Rivers

Historic Sites

Within the wooded grounds of Ards Forest Park, visitors will fine several fortified prehistoric sites, including a megalithic dolmen. Also interesting is the Capuchin friary estate, still inhabited by Capuchin monks.

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Walking Trails

The park has three wooded trails for walking  – two of these are about two miles long each, and follow a circular route. The third is about eight miles long, but does not loop back to the starting point.

Family Facilities

Ards Forest Park also offers a car park and children’s outdoor playground. There are also many picnic sites available in the park.

Bird Watching

The park is also popular with ornithologists – expert and amateur. The main area of interest to this group — the salt marshes – is well sign-posted within the park. The salt marshes are a protected wildlife conservation area, since they are a wintering ground for many species. A purpose built hide has been constructed on the marsh to allow visitors to view the feeding birds.

Adventure Sports

The park also contains a popular mountain bike trail through the wooded and hill areas.


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