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Existential questions…

By Anne Canaveera / February 3, 2016

After so many years living here, there are still some puzzling questions about the Irish way of life going through my mind now and again. Not important ones, like trying to understand the ins and outs of the Irish tax system, but rather small cultural differences that I still don’t have an answer for (and […]


Living in Ireland: A human adventure

By Anne Canaveera / January 26, 2016

When I landed in Dublin Airport 13 years ago, I was far from thinking I would still be here after all this time. I had planned to stay for only two or three years, which already seemed quite an ambitious plan for the recruiter who offered me my first job. “The majority of foreigners stay […]


The Expat dilemma – Sometimes I want a “real holiday”

By Anne Canaveera / January 20, 2016

Did you go home for Christmas?  As a family of four, we rarely do  because it’s too expensive, but we try to go to France once a year, and we especially make the effort now that we have kids.  We also go to my husband’s native country, Mauritius, as often as we can, which is […]


7 signs that I’m only “nearly” Irish

By Anne Canaveera / December 17, 2015

I enjoy a good Irish Breakfast, understand most of the slang, I thank the bus driver, and say “sorry” a hundred times a day, even when someone bumps into me. Yet, there are still typical Irish stuff I don’t do or understand…I also know I will get a bit (or a lot) of slagging for what […]


Stereotypes : My vision of Ireland before I emigrated

By Anne Canaveera / December 8, 2015

All countries have a degree of stereotypes. French are supposedly arrogant, always on strike, walk around in stripy shirts with a baguette in one hand, glass of wine in the other, while smoking a “Camel” cigarette. German are very organised and don’t have any sense of humour, and British are… well, Irish people just don’t […]


Things Irish people say but don’t mean

By Anne Canaveera / November 24, 2015

When I came to Ireland, I had to get used to the way Irish people spoke. It wasn’t so much what they said, but more what they meant that I didn’t always understand. If you take their words literally, you can feel confused or even upset sometimes. Irish people seem to have the ability to […]


Have you kept your friends back home?

By Anne Canaveera / November 20, 2015

“It’s when you go away that you see who cares about you”. A young girl I know, who moved from France to the USA posted this on Facebook and it caught my attention. When I decided to leave France 13 years ago, my biggest worry was that I might lose my friends. I was afraid […]