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Ireland Based Tech Start-Ups 2021

By Yukti Khera / January 14, 2021

The world has been waiting for this year to have a new beginning, where there is recovery while also a benefit in the economy of the countries that have fallen through. Ireland is one of the countries to have experienced negative economic COVID-19 outcomes, and are expecting so much from 2021. It could be a […]


Homegrown Beauty Brands: Ireland

By Yukti Khera / January 11, 2021

Home-grown, as the title suggests, is something that is grown or made in the home country or home. Whereas this article discusses the beauty brands which are organic, “home-made”, and Ireland based, that are entering the market and have achieved a certain name. There are new brands that are attracting the audience with their organic […]


10 Surprising Facts about Ireland

By Yukti Khera / January 8, 2021

Ireland has its way of surprising the world with its old and new discoveries. The country’s exceptional food and drinks have already won our hearts, as Ireland’s welcoming hospitality continues to attract tourists. Still, Ireland always finds new ways of surprising us. 10 surprising facts about Ireland A land of many accents! Towns in Ireland […]


Archeology Of Ireland

By Yukti Khera / January 6, 2021

Ireland is known for its heritage and cultural diversity. We look at Ireland as a beautiful historical destination that has its own archeological aspects. There have been a lot of archeological findings in this country which has grown its heritage at a deeper level. Archeology is a term used to describe the study of human […]


Countries providing Post-Study Work Permit

By Yukti Khera / December 29, 2020

Studying overseas is one of the dreams that almost every student shares and working where you studied is an opportunity every student should try to grasp. This provides these students with an excellent resume, which helps their chances of immigrating to their respective countries. Institutions also play a vital role in this scenario. Some countries […]


8 Incredible Innovations of 2020

By Yukti Khera / December 23, 2020

The year 2020 is about to end and we are still fighting the pandemic. Yet, the world didn’t stop and there are many areas that developed several innovations. Innovations are something new brought into the world; an idea, a change, a remodel. This article will introduce what we can look forward to in the near […]


5 of the Best Books to Enjoy this Christmas

By Yukti Khera / December 18, 2020

Christmas is one of the most loved holidays that is celebrated all around the world. Even at the hardest of times, having a Christmas celebration is something that brings joy to the family. There may be several occasions where the mood for Christmas is dull because of working on Christmas Eve or no snow or […]


Kilbrittain Castle: The Oldest Castle

By Yukti Khera / December 15, 2020

Castles, predominantly built in the Middle Ages, were homes and offices of the nobility, royalty, and military orders. They are often confused with palaces, which are not fortified. A fortress is not always a home to royals, a castle also differs from a fortified settlement. Though there are many such constructions all around the world, […]


Irish Flag

By Yukti Khera / December 10, 2020

The Irish flag, or in Irish, the ‘Bratach na hÉireann’ is composed of an equal vertical tricolor combination of green near the hoist followed by white and orange. Though, it wasn’t too long ago when the Irish flag officially became a part of the Constitution of Ireland. The flag that is represented by Ireland today […]


Places with the best Christmas

By Yukti Khera / December 2, 2020

On the 25th December, Christmas, one of the most “happening” sacred holidays is celebrated around the world. The traditions being both cultural and sacred in nature, they are being followed and enjoyed for about two millennia now. Some of the popular customs include decorating a Christmas tree, going to church for prayer, exchanging gifts, having […]

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