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Toxic Positivity: What’s so wrong with being sad?

By Grace Duffy / June 1, 2021

“You just think happy thoughts and they lift you into the air!” Well, Peter Pan must have been snorting extra special fairy dust, because positive vibes alone won’t help you find a place to rent in Dublin. In today’s world, it seems that even being positive can be bad for you. The idea of “good […]


The Importance of Slang in a language

By Grace Duffy / May 27, 2021

*Warning: cringe-worthy slang words ahead! “Would you just feck off! Whatever”. Ahh, the beautiful words of slang, where would we be without them? For some reason, slang just feels right. It’s casual, it’s quick and when you’re feeling angry, it erupts in a passionate display of grammatically incorrect phrases. Putting it bluntly, slang is fab, […]


The Art of the Side Hustle

By Grace Duffy / May 25, 2021

Today, folks, we’re talking about the art of the ever-present Side Hustle. What is it, what are the most popular choices and what will this mean for the future of work? The Side Hustle, part-time job, or financially viable hobby, whatever you want to call it, became part of the fabric of our lives long […]


Mica Housing Crisis in Donegal

By Grace Duffy / May 21, 2021

When the crisis began “Housing crisis” is a term that unfortunately we have heard manys a time before in Ireland but in County Donegal there is a housing crisis of a different nature taking place. The discovery of Mica in over 4000 homes across Donegal has left many people facing the harsh reality of demolishing […]


Is SEO hampering creative writing?

By Grace Duffy / May 18, 2021

Introducing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) So, let me paint you a picture about SEO and creativity in the world of online writing. Imagine, you’ve just finished another blog post, you’ve put it into WordPress, and before you hit publish, you look at your SEO score, 65/100. Not so good, huh? So then you start changing […]


The Turf Wars of Ireland: A cultural heritage or a harmful practice?

By Grace Duffy / May 14, 2021

Is turf banned in Ireland?  That seems to be the question that has been on everyone’s minds these past few years, with different groups fighting to protect a natural habitat and others trying to protect themselves against the cold and rising fuel prices. Every year, when the weather is good (well, Irish weather good), people […]


5 Ways to Beat Lockdown Boredom: Upskill as you relax

By Grace Duffy / May 12, 2021

Is lockdown boredom getting to you? Or maybe you’ve just had enough of Netflix and emails from your boss. If this sounds familiar then keep reading, because in three minutes we’re going to tell you about five sites and apps that can break that dull cycle and add a little something extra to your CV.  […]

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