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Natalie Briggs

Natalie Briggs comes to Ireland via Babylon, from the Caribbean. She's a journalist with a 20 year background in print and broadcast media.


Ireland: the 13th most expensive place in the world

By Natalie Briggs / January 22, 2021

  So, you’ve bitten the bullet. Whatever the reason – school, better work opportunities or finding a better life – you’ve moved to Ireland. And, it’s likely that, until you get your bearings, money is tight.  You’re not going to be pleased to hear this. On Monday, price comparison site, Numbeo, listed Ireland as the […]


Countess, Rebel, Hero: 10 times Countess Markievicz changed history

By Natalie Briggs / January 15, 2021

Constance Gore Booth, later known as Countess Markievicz or simply Madame, was certainly cut from different cloth. Born a member of the Anglo-Irish aristocracy in 1868, the Countess would die penniless in a charity house after giving her wealth away to the poor and the Irish independence struggle. Her journey from one end of the […]


An accent 300 years in the making

By Natalie Briggs / January 6, 2021

    How Irish immigrants influenced accents and culture in the Caribbean   What’s in an accent?   When people think about Irish immigration, they think largely about America, specifically New York, Chicago and Boston. A lesser known fact is that tens of thousands of Irishmen and women made their way to the Caribbean over […]


The year that was 2020

By Natalie Briggs / December 30, 2020

  A personal reflection on how humour got me through an awful, no good apocalypse     If you’re reading this, congratulations, you survived. Nobody told you on December 31st, 2019, but at midnight, you entered the 77th annual Hunger Games. The fact you’re here means the odds were ever in your favour. As a […]


How to host a virtual event

By Natalie Briggs / December 21, 2020

Anno Domini 2020 has been tough on all of us. What’s worse is, because of the pandemic, most of us will not be able to take comfort from family and friends at annual end-of-year events.  Whether it was a cozy family dinner, a gift exchange among friends, or a boozy office party, in-person Christmas events […]