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Sol Natalia Dieguez

Argentinian non-fiction and fiction writer. Media and Entertainment Management student. Bilingual in English and Spanish. Passionate about storytelling, theme parks, mindfulness, and all things creative.


The importance of holiday cheer

By Sol Natalia Dieguez / November 24, 2020

The twinkle lights, stunning decor, delicious food, joyful songs, family reunions, and the additional drive to give and receive. Those are all nice things that encompass the holidays, right? But why do we look forward to them so much? Holiday cheer is the answer.    What even is holiday cheer in the first place?  Holiday […]


10 habits to keep yourself healthy and productive

By Sol Natalia Dieguez / November 19, 2020

If you are a person who strikes for productivity, you will most likely be capable of doing more in less time. And if you make habits to keep yourself healthy and productive, then you will see a positive impact on your day-to-day life.  There is just something so very rewarding about finding ways of being […]


How to live a greener life: 10 eco-friendly choices

By Sol Natalia Dieguez / November 11, 2020

Stabilising our environment so we can combat climate change has been a pressing issue for years now. Some parts of our everyday life are increasingly contributing to the degradation of our planet and it has been proven that it is not sustainable to carry on this way. Do you want to know how to begin […]


Why you should give meditation a try during lockdown

By Sol Natalia Dieguez / November 5, 2020

This year has already been tough for all of us. Now, with the new mandatory lockdown, many of us might be feeling more anxious, stressed, and restless than ever. Whilst this is bound to be inevitable thanks to the less-than-ideal circumstances, it doesn’t mean there is no way to diminish its effects. Meditation can be […]