Babylon by Bus

Mateus Casagrande is a producer, guitarist and singer/songwriter, in the second year of music production at Pulse College. Mateus has been playing guitar since age 15 and has worked as a session musician and fronted a folk-blues trio in Brazil. As a producer Mateus has recorded and produced a Neo Folk album entitled ‘No Way To Go But Back’ and two EPs, neo-folk ‘Climate Change Blues’ and bossa nova and jazz rooted ‘Ver o Mar’, along with a single comprised of ‘In My Time Of Dying’ a rendition of ‘Jesus Make my Dying Bed’ and ‘Livin in Dublin’ his first released original song. 

This show aims to connect people from all over the world with music. We bring in a new artist every week to showcase their work and talk about themselves, their influences and their background. We try to be as eclectic as possible, playing as many different genres as we can. Every week we have a listener's submission  played on the show. We also have a throwback moment in the show where we play music from the 20th century. Babylon by bus hopes to bring new music and joy into our listener’s lifes.

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