Bella’s Steampunk Burlesque Show Feat Professor Elemental

Steampunk has been popular for a few years. You’ve probably heard about it, there are many stereotypes about steampunk subculture. What does it really mean? It is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy. It’s related to the industrial style from 19th century, technology and machines. Steampunk is inspired by the 19th Century British Victorian Era and the American “Wild West”. Furthermore, the subculture mostly depicts an apocalyptic future combined with mechanized humanity. Nowadays, the subculture takes inspiration from horror, fantasy and historical fiction.

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Burlesque literally means a dramatic or musical performance to cause a laugh. It was related to caricaturing current events. Originally burlesque came from Italy, in Italian it means laugh. These days, burlesque connects a few styles, it takes inspiration from opera, operetta, music hall ( the British theater popular in Victorian era) and revue. Usually, in burlesque shows women take part, who in kinky way parody contemporary affairs. Unquestionably, burlesque is one of the entertainment worthy to see.

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Can you imagine combination of these two styles on the one stage? Can you imagine the stage full of robots, machines, futuristic world and Irish burlesque at the same time?

The Sugar Club host the Bella’s Steampunk Burlesque Show Professor Elemental performance. There will be a few artists who are going to give you an unforgettable night. Gentleman Rhymer, British parodist who performs chap-hop. Next, Professor Elemental who combines comedy and music. Bella Agogo, a very talented Bellydancer and queen of Burlesque, Fabio Ego Deflato who is an aerialist and acrobat. Rusty MisDemeanour, who provides steampunk performances and a new artist Butch Chastity. The club will announce more artists soon.

The show is on 7th of April (Friday), tickets cost 24 euros.

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