Meet Bertha

Hi! I am Bertha Chafulumira. I was  born in Malawi in 1992, studied in Skyway College and came to Europe to study journalism in 2012. In 2014 I joined Babylon Radio team, and, as I “was given the opportunity to further my education”. I have always liked music, and at an early age became aware of the different cultures and styles of  music in Africa. These ancient styles have merged successfully with western culture , to make  Africa an epicenter of world music. It all started  in ancient  times with the drums.   African Drums   In my programme, I hope to give a sense of how this ancient form of communication developed into the vast range of  music we enjoy in Africa  today. The name  of my programme  is taken from  its origins,


Through my programme I hope to take you on a trip through the different countries of Africa, and with the music I would like to share with you how traditional and modern music have combined, to form one of the most  rhythmic  musics on the planet.

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