Best 7 Flexitarian Restaurants in Dublin

Finding the right restaurant can sometimes be quite extreme. Some prefer Vietnamese food, others prefer burgers. Then there are food intolerances and the restaurant should also provide a fancy vibe to linger. But the biggest obstacle these days is probably if there are any meat-free alternatives on the menu. This guide of flexitarian restaurants in Dublin has a bit of everything: Different cuisines, restaurants with an ambience and their menu has the best selection of vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes.  

Brewdog Dublin


Whoever hears this name for the first time probably thinks of their delicious beer and wonders why it’s listed in a “flexitarian restaurants in Dublin” list. But Brewdog is more than just a brewery. The Brewdog in Dublin is convincing with its urban location at the Grand Canal Dock, surrounded by big companies and fancy bars.

And they do their best to get vegans and vegetarians in their restaurant. Every Monday is “2-4-1”-Special, which means you get two main courses for the price of one. But this offer is only on all vegan and vegetarian dishes. So it’s up to you whether you pay double the money for a piece of meat in your food or if you’re smart and enjoy your meat-free dish with a good conscience and spend the saved money on a refreshing beer.

Apart from that you will notice that Brewdog does put effort into its vegetarian philosophy, as they have more pizzas without meat than with meat on their menu.

 Location: Capital Dock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 

Pho Kim

Pho Kim

Pho Kim is the right place if you’re into Vietnamese. And even if you probably think Vietnamese food contains many vegetables, which is right, there is often chicken, beef or prawns in the meals. The menu at Pho Kim offers a full page of only vegetarian and vegan dishes. And the choice is wide: rice, noodle soup, pancakes, spring rolls. And it’s all without meat. You’ll find the restaurant at Parnell Street in the City Centre, and they offer online ordering as well.

Location: 162 Parnell Street, Dublin 1



If you wanna have an Indian food experience with a tasty selection of meat and non-meat dishes, you’ll find your place in the International Financial Services Centre near Grand Canal Dock and it’s called “Chaska”. They also have a huge selection of tasty sides. I also highly recommend you the “Vegetarian Thaali” which is a selection of various elements including paneer, veggies, lentils, potatoes, naan, rice and raita.

Location: Unit 3, Berry House, IFSC, Dublin


What’s missing from this list is an excursion into Arabic cuisine. So here it is: Shouk. The menu makes your mouth water just by reading it: Falafel, pita, hummus. And if you go there with someone who eats meat, they can enjoy some delicious shawarma or kebab.

But somewhat inconspicuously, there is something on the menu that is the real reason to visit the restaurant located in Drumcondra and it’s called “The Middle East Feast”. For 34 euros, you get a taster menu of all their favourite dishes. Hot drinks and dessert are included and the offer is also available as a purely vegetarian version. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Location: 40 Drumcondra Road Lower, Dublin 9



Token is primarily known for its numerous arcade games. Located in Smithfield, you can have a lot of fun playing games there. But their food should not be underestimated either. The selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes is especially worth a visit as the creations are very fancy. From vegan Big Mac to Vegan Nuggs to Crispy Seitan with fries and vegetables. All options are available with meat as well.

Location: 72-74 Queen Street, Dublin 7

One Society

One Society

The foodlovers of Italian cuisine will find their perfect pizza and pasta at One Society. The industrial look and the wide choice of food promise a good stay. You can get vegan, vegetarian and meat pizza and pasta there. They also have starters, salads and desserts.

For those who like to live a little more frugally, it is recommended to go to One Society on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Sundays evenings. Because then you can benefit from their different Meal-Deals. For €29 two people can treat themselves with two mains, two cokes and a garlic flatbread. If you want to have two beers instead of the cokes, you have to pay €34.

If you’re an early bird you should go there “Lunch ‘n Brunch” from 10:00am to 3:00pm and try their pancakes, toasts or breakfast buns. Before you ask: Vegan, vegetarian and meat options available.

Location: 1 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin 1


“Picture it. Summer, 2017. A man called Paddy arrives home from California with a dream.” These are the first sentences you read, when you open the Menu of Nutbutter. As you read on, you’ll learn that founder Paddy had a dream of opening a healthy and plant-based restaurant, but one that also had options for flexitarians. Nutbutter was born out of this. Since 2018, they have been serving tacos and bowls and they are very good at what they do. The restaurant is located at Grand Canal Dock.

Location: Grand Canal Dock, 2&3 Gallery Quay, Dublin

You’ll find many more flexitarian restaurants in Dublin

Actually, most restaurants have at least a few vegetarian or vegan dishes on their menu.  But it depends on the quality. There is a difference between “just” fries and fries with seitan, vegetables and a vegan sauce. This guide shows you the places where you can get good food for all preferences.

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