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Historical photos of Ireland: an unseen glimpse of the 1950s

By Leora Mansoor / November 29, 2019

Ireland in Focus: Photographing the 1950s is a photography exhibition currently on at the Collins Barracks showing historical photos of Ireland, including never seen before photos from Henri Cartier-Bresson. On the 20th of November, 2019 the National Museum of Ireland opened its doors to an excited press and specially selected guests who crowded in to […]


The Best Places for Sushi in Dublin

By Mia Kim / November 28, 2019

Oishi Sushi! You might either love it or hate it. But if you have ever tried it, you would agree that Sushi is one of the inevitable attractive dishes in the world. Healthy, delicious Sushi! No doubt this is much more than fish and rice. Could you imagine the harmony of rice and fish melting […]


Metalhead Series: 5 Metalcore Bands from Dublin

By Jacqueline Russe / November 27, 2019

The metal genre has undergone many changes and additions over the years. In the late 1980s, for example, people started blending elements of heavy metal with hardcore punk. The new genre that formed was then called Metalcore. In this instance of our Metalhead Series we will be focusing on the Metalcore bands from Dublin, the […]


20 Theatres in Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / November 22, 2019

Ireland’s live entertainment scene is one of the biggest and most vibrant in Europe. Not only are there pubs and bars playing live music around every corner, but there are also grand Opera Houses, Concert Halls and Theatres that feature bands or plays by famous screenwriters. These incredible theatres can be found all over the […]


How many of these Irish lighthouses have you been to?

By Leora Mansoor / November 21, 2019

The Great Lighthouses of Ireland is a celebration of some the most beautiful Irish lighthouses. Discover their incredible histories, protected secrets and maybe even spend a night or two within their wind-battered walls… No, it is not clickbait, they are actually called the Great Lighthouses of Ireland and they truly are great. There are twelve […]


Metalhead Series: 4 Gothic Metal Bands from Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / November 18, 2019

Gothic Metal is a fusion genre combining Heavy Metal with the dark atmospheres of Gothic Rock. The genre itself is quite diverse, with different bands using the gothic approach to different styles of Heavy Metal music. In Ireland there are some bands that have taken this approach as well. Here are four Gothic Metal Bands […]


Irish Opera Houses and Concert Halls

By Jacqueline Russe / November 15, 2019

Is the music played in our Irish clubs and pubs not to your taste? Do you want to go on a fancy date somewhere with your significant other? No problem! There are a number of Opera Houses and Concert Halls that offer everything from the most famous music artists over theater performances to classical orchestras. […]


French Film Festival at the IFI

By Leora Mansoor / November 14, 2019

The IFI’s French Film Festival started on Monday which means that an array of independent, award-nominated French films are being shown daily from the 13th-24th of November at the Irish Film Institute. This means that it’s your lucky day if you speak French, like wearing a beret and telling people you’re cultured and prefer films […]


Ten Inspirational Irish Women

By Leora Mansoor / November 13, 2019

There are some pretty fantastic, inspirational women out there, but what about fantastic, inspirational Irish women? When was the last time we paid tribute to the heroines of our Emerald Isle, both here and passed? The women who contributed to our society through their art, music, food and more. The role models setting records against […]


Metalhead Series: 4 Symphonic Metal Bands from Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / November 13, 2019

Orchestra mixed with Metal? That doesn’t seem to fit at first glance. But if you ever listened to Symphonic Metal bands like Nightwish or Within Temptation you know that they can fit very well together. The mix of epic orchestra music and the guitar music and screams of metal make Symphonic Metal one of my […]

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