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Lord Rama: Good always triumphs over Evil

By Aizhana Danabekova / May 1, 2019

The important Hindu festival Sri Rama Navami which is celebrated by hundreds of millions of people around the world was held in Dublin Scientology Community Centre. So many people came to the feast that there were not enough seats in the big hall. Most of the participants are members of the Indian community in Ireland. […]


World Book Week! Read a book with us

By Andreina Gonzalez / April 23, 2019

Yesterday (April 23) was World Book Day but Babylon is celebrating the entire week! This day is dedicated to promoting reading, publishing and copyrights. Today, people from all over the world celebrate and recognize the scope of books: a link between the past and the future, a bridge between generations and between cultures. April 23 […]


David McGrath – Interview with a Life Coach

By Andreina Gonzalez / April 21, 2019

Everybody needs a coach! Our interviewee of the week is David McGrath. David McGrath is the director and founder of Better Life Abroad (BLA)– a strategic life and career coaching service for professionals living abroad. Today, people everywhere are experiencing the influence of greater global interconnectivity in their lives, either at home, at work, in […]


The boom of humanist weddings – Part 2

By Andreina Gonzalez / April 15, 2019

Not religious but profound Imagine walking down on your wedding gown to the sound of your favourite childhood music. Imagine wearing a blue dress and walking up to the edge of the Cliffs of Moher. Imagine saying your vows to your partner by the seaside, that kind of vows that make us feel warm and […]


Irish Myths: The Salmon of Knowledge

By Juliane Girl / April 2, 2019

Ireland is known for its rich heritage of mythological tales and ancient symbols. In Irish mythology, tales are usually put into four periods. The first one is called the Mythological Cycle that mainly comprises pre-Christian stories of the god-like early settlers of Ireland, the Tuatha Dé Danann. The second, the Ulster Cycle, focuses on heroic […]


Dublin is the best travel destination in Ireland

By Andreina Gonzalez / March 29, 2019

Dublin is the best travel destination in Ireland. That’s according to the 2019 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards, which ranked the Irish capital in top spot based on user reviews and ratings. The travel site explains that even though it is a city for the youth offering great nightlife and the best pint of Guinness, it […]


World Theatre Day – Value of the Arts

By Andreina Gonzalez / March 27, 2019

Happy World Theatre Day 2019! World Theater Day is observed internationally on March 27 to generate awareness about the importance of theatre arts, how they played an important role in the field of entertainment and the changes that theatre brings in the life. As the International Theatre Institute explains, this day is a celebration for […]


World Poetry Day – from big to new names

By Andreina Gonzalez / March 21, 2019

World Poetry Day is celebrated on March 21 and was declared by UNESCO in 1999. Its purpose is to promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry throughout the world. “Poetry speaks to our common humanity and our shared values, transforming the simplest of poems into a powerful catalyst for dialogue and peace” – […]


St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2019

By Andreina Gonzalez / March 18, 2019

Ireland and the world celebrated yesterday (March 17) St Patrick’s Day 2019 with parades, parties and endless activities. This year around half a million attendees were estimated in Dublin city. This Festival is a monumental occasion for Ireland. More than 3,000 people took part in the country’s largest St Patrick’s Day parade, celebrating Irish storytelling. […]

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