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14 Museums in Dublin

By Jacqueline Russe / October 22, 2019

Ireland and Dublin in particular have always had a complex and intriguing history. You can revisit this history with the help of a great number of museums scattered throughout Dublin. Babylon Radio provides you with a list of 14 museums in Dublin that are definitely worth a visit. Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum Since 1832, more […]


7 Greek Restaurants in Ireland

By Jacqueline Russe / October 18, 2019

Do you want to escape the gloomy Irish weather? Do you want to eat something that reminds you of sunshine, warm weather and the Mediterranean Sea? Try one of the 7 Greek Restaurants that Babylon found scattered all over the island of Ireland. Yeeros Greek Souvlaki Bar Yeeros is a Greek Souvlaki Bar serving fresh […]


15 Italian Restaurants in Ireland

By Carlotta Cutrale / October 17, 2019

It is universally acknowledged that a single Italian, strolling around Ireland, in possession of a great cuisine culture, must be in want of a fresh portion of tagliatelle alla bolognese, eventually. That’s what probably Jane Austen would have said if she ever met Italian tourists in Dublin. Therefore, whether you are an occasional visitor or […]


Hip-hop series: Top 4 Rappers in Limerick

By Emma Grove / October 15, 2019

Limerick has had a well-established hip-hop scene long before the rise of greats like the Rusangano Family reached the ears of the one and only Snoop Dogg and Boombox Collective played Electric Picnic in 2017. Things aren’t slowing down for the city either, with a whole host of talent rising up from the underground scene. […]


Deptcon 5: Ireland’s Biggest Young Adult Fiction Convention

By Jacqueline Russe / October 14, 2019

Ireland’s biggest annual Young Adult Fiction Convention, called Deptcon 5 took place on 11th and 12th October in the Liberty Hall Theatre. Going on its 5th year, it was hosted by Eason’s David O’Callaghan and Department 51, the bookstore’s department specializing in both YA books and popular culture. The convention featured panel discussions and signings by YA authors […]


Recommendations of a Bookworm: 6 Irish Authors

By Jacqueline Russe / October 11, 2019

What many people don’t seem to realize about Ireland is that it has been a great contributor to world literature in all its forms. When we talk about famous writers like Oscar Wilde or James Joyce, we don’t immediately think that they were Irish, since both lived in continental Europe or America for most of […]


The Favourite Pubs of Dublin’s Irish writers: A Guide

By Leora Mansoor / October 10, 2019

Here is a list we’ve compiled of the Dublin pubs that are known to have been frequented by many of our beloved Irish writers. Of course they had regular haunts. They were Dubliners. They needed to be in the thick of it, gathering inspiration from a tipple or two and overheard conversations. Now what was […]


Hip-hop series: Top 4 Rappers in Cork

By Emma Grove / October 8, 2019

The mid-2000’s were a golden age of rap in Cork. Innovative young producers and musicians were popping up all over the city,  making Cork one of the best rap scenes in Ireland. However, as the recession hit and the infrastructure supporting hip hop changed. As a result,  Cork’s hip-hop scene began to fade. Fortunately, there’s […]


Dublin ‘s Thriving Street Art Scene

By Leora Mansoor / October 8, 2019

If walls could talk in a city like Dublin, they would tell you the story of a rich and vibrant history, rooted in creativity in the face of hardships and adversity. From the great writers of old to the no less controversial artists of new who are using the walls of our city as a […]


Young life at Culture Night

By Jessica Sbardelotto / September 23, 2019

Dance, photography, paintings and much more were part of the 14th edition of Culture Night. The event took place in 35 cities all over the country, offering several cultural options for all ages and preferences.  Standing up for climate change actions  At the same day when a global strike brought over 4 million people to […]

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