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Celtic Ghost Towns: The Estates Ireland Forgot About

By Leora Mansoor / October 16, 2019

From churches to barnyards, outhouses, factories and unidentified piles of stone. All you have to do is drive through Ireland to know that it’s a graveyard of ruins. They seemed so romantic and mysterious to me as a child. I remember how I would implore my dad to stop the car and let me out, […]


The secrets to living in Ireland as an Afghan

By Ayomide Akinshilo / October 13, 2019

Living in Ireland as an Afghan is not as enjoyable as it is expected according to the Afghan Community and Cultural Association of Ireland.  According to an April 2016 data released by the Central Statistic office, there are about 1,272 Afghans living in Ireland. That number has only increased in subsequent years.  The Afghan community […]


Hip-Hop Series: Top 4 Rappers from Dublin

By Emma Grove / October 1, 2019

Lets face it: Ireland isn’t exactly internationally renowned for its rap and hip hop music. However, that’s not to say the foundation wasn’t laid for success. Since the 80’s, Irish rap has blossomed into a diverse, multi-faceted genre. Its vibes and flows have steadily evolved to reflect the modern Irish experience. Introducing Babylon Radio’s ‘Hip-Hop […]


Best African restaurants in Dublin you should visit

By Ayomide Akinshilo / October 1, 2019

The African community in Ireland is growing bigger every year. Being away from a culture an individual grew up in can sometimes be difficult.  For Africans moving to Ireland, there is always that urge to eat cuisines they are more familiar with.  Many people do not know that Dublin alone has over 20 African restaurants.  […]


Danny G: Activism, Marvin Gaye and the Major 7ths

By Ayomide Akinshilo / September 20, 2019

Daniel Groenland is not a name that would register in the minds of many but say Danny G and you get pulses racing.  Danny G is one of Dublin’s biggest performers and he is famous for performing with his band which he calls the Major 7ths.  Describing his early days as a performer, Danny G […]


Top 3 events for 19th of September in Dublin

By Ayomide Akinshilo / September 19, 2019

In typical Babylon Radio fashion, we bring you the three best events for Thursday, 19th of September. Guinness 232°C Bonobo Chefs such as  Bia Rebel, Grálinn and La Cocina Cuevas will create meals featuring the very best Irish beef, chicken, and pork cooked over a fire. Live music from the likes of David Kitt, Sally […]


Getting to know Libyan-Irish songstress Farah Elle

By Ayomide Akinshilo / September 19, 2019

With a soothing voice and charming smile, Libyan-Irish singer Farah Elle has captured the attention of thousands of Dubliners.  The singer-songwriter strongly believes that music can be a means of bringing people together and growing in the world.  Speaking to Babylon Radio ahead of the BlueFire festival where she will be performing, Farah said music […]


Here is everything you need to know about the Bluefire festival

By Ayomide Akinshilo / September 17, 2019

The much anticipated 2019 Bluefire Festival is upon us. The one-day, all-ages festival will take place on Saturday 21st September in Smithfield Square, Dublin. This is the 7th festival which holds annually in Dublin. BlueFire is the first Irish organisation to launch a Music Declares Emergency stage with live music. The event which is going […]


The Bernard Shaw is closing its doors this October

By Julia Tereno / September 10, 2019

Popular pub The Bernard Shaw is closing its doors permanently after 13 years this October. The Eatyard next door and all of the cultural activities promoted by the pub are also coming to an end. According to an official statement published on the Shaw’s website, the owners said they “tried really hard over the last […]

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