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Congress reached deal over border wall funding

By Juliane Girl / February 12, 2019

On Monday, Democrats and Republicans reached an agreement over the controversial funding of the border wall with Mexico. However, the settlement only contains a small amount of the $5.7bn demanded by Trump, and does not specifically determine a concrete wall. Republican Senator Richard Shelby said: “Our staffs are going to be working feverishly to put […]


Germany restricts Facebook Data Collection

By Juliane Girl / February 7, 2019

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has ruled that Facebook is no longer allowed to combine collected data from WhatsApp, Instagram, and third-party sources with the user’s Facebook profiles. In future, Facebook has to get the individuals permission to collect and combine this data. The watchdogs carried out an inquiry determining whether Facebook abuses its market leadership. […]


Trump delivers divisive State of the Union address

By Kasper Delaney-Petersen / February 6, 2019

Yesterday evening the President of the United States, Donald Trump, delivered his State of the Union address for 2019 to the Congress, causing expected backlash and containing unanticipated calls for unity and an end to politics of “revenge, resistance and retribution”. The divisive president began the highly-televised address with pleas for unity in the ruling […]


China celebrates the Lunar New Year

By Juliane Girl / February 5, 2019

Yesterday, China welcomed the year of the pig with a stunning mixture of costumes, decorations, and traditional performances. Fireworks and lanterns lit up the sky accompanied by beautiful visuals of charcoal-spinning artists. Also, the traditional dragon dances took place all around China. The Chinese New Year is celebrated on February the 5th and festivities end […]


Refugee Death Increase in Mediterranean Sea

By Juliane Girl / January 30, 2019

UNHCR published new figures showing an alarming increase in the refugee death rate in the Mediterranean Sea. An estimated 2,275 people died in 2018 trying to cross the sea from Africa to Europe which amounts to one death per 51 arrivals. Opposed to that, figures from 2015 show one person dying out of 269 arriving. […]


Brazil dam disaster – survivors unlikely

By Juliane Girl / January 28, 2019

After the collapse of a dam in Brazil on Friday, the rescue team says there is a low chance of finding survivors. Meanwhile helpers found a bus containing several corpses bringing the death toll to an estimated number of 58 people. Brazilian officials say there are about 305 more people missing. Even though the search […]


Guaidó declares himself interim leader of Venezuela

By Juliane Girl / January 24, 2019

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared himself interim president on Wednesday denying current president Nicolás Maduro’s legitimacy. Following the political and economic crisis, Venezuela is struck with, thousands of people took to the streets supporting Guaidó and were met with police brutality. During the fierce protests on Tuesday and Wednesday, 14 people have reportedly been killed. […]


Shutdown’s economic consequences

By Yvan Barbeau / January 23, 2019

Shutdown’s economic consequences  The economic consequences of the shutdown, which has gone on to become the longest in US history – it has recently entered its fifth week – it’s beginning to be subject to increasing study. Some experts indeed fear these consequences might grow so long as the crisis goes on. This is an […]


32 days US shutdown affects FBI

By Juliane Girl / January 23, 2019

The US government shutdown has been going on for 32 days now and consequences for government employees become more and more visible. Many of them are forced to work other jobs in order to be able to pay their bills. However, at the moment, an agreement between Democrats and Republicans, which would put an end […]

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