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I do not remember how and when I discovered her music, but when I heard her, I was moved by her voice and her music. Ever since then she has been one of my favourite artists and I knew I just had to listen to her in person. I am talking about the one and only Stacey Kent. She is an award winning and Grammy nominated Jazz singer from the USA. Her live performance at the National Concert Hall here in Dublin gave me the opportunity to finally listen to her in person. It was one of the best moments of my entire life.

On Wednesday, October 11th, 2017, Stacey Kent performed at the National Concert Hall along with the RTÉ Orchestra. Her quintuplet consisted of Jim Tomlinson on the saxophone and flute, Graham Harvey on the piano, Jeremy Brown on the bass and Josh Morrison on the drums. The Orchestra was conducted by Richard Balcombe.

The National Concert Hall, one of Ireland’s premier live music venues, is located on the Earlsfort Terrace in Dublin, close to St. Stephen’s Green. The auditorium provided a perfect setting to enjoy live Jazz. The orchestra performed on a mid-size stage at one of end of the hall. Stacey Kent has chosen 12 songs for her concert tour programme. These 12 songs were: Dreamer, Double Rainbow, Photograph, Les Amours Perdues, Mais Uma Vez, Bullet Train, Make It Up, The Changing Lights, I Know I Dream, The Ice Hotel, To Say Goodbye and Samba Saravah. Most of the songs she had chosen were composed and arranged by Jim Tomlinson along with other guests.

The concert began with the song ‘Dreamer’ which has its roots in the Bossa Nova style of music from Brazil. Afterwards she presented ‘Double Rainbow’ which is the opening track of her latest album ‘I Know I Dream’. The soothing strings section along with the grandness of the Horns section of the RTÉ Orchestra added a whole different meaning to her songs. She also presented two songs that were written by the Nobel Prize winning writer Kazuo Ishiguro for her, called ‘Bullet Train’, ‘The Ice Hotel’ and ‘The Changing Lights’.

Worth some special mentions are definitely the songs that she sung in French and Portuguese. ‘Les Amours Perdues’(The Lost Lovers) is a classic, early Serge Gainsbourg song. It was this song that introduced her to French poetry, and she dedicated this song to her grandfather who introduced her to French literature and lifestyle. The other song Mais Uma Vez, (One More Time) was featured on Kent’s 2013 album. It’s the song that I love the most by Stacey Kent and my happiness knew no bounds as she sang this song in front of the audience.

At the end of the concert, Stacey Kent and her husband Jim Tomlinson sang together,which created a very special moment.

After the concert, I had the chance to meet her and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I look forward to see her and her peaceful energy again.

I believe everything has its own rhythm in life. Each individual has his/her own special rhythm. We come across people in our life. We find a relationship with the people who have a similar rhythm, trying to complete ourselves, perhaps a song. Perhaps it is our search to find someone in our own rhythm. When you find it, those rhythms become a song. Like you’re seeded and you’re getting your fruit. Walking, having coffee, a tree swinging in the wind – you have a rhythm created by your of inner voice! Even if your obsessions think that you are the rhythm that shaped you. Rhythms combine to form a whole. When one note combines with another, the power of the music created is immense. When I attended Stacey Kent’s concert at the National Concert Hall, all the artists’ rhythm presented a unique and incomparable performance. From the moment she stepped on the stage, the aura that surrounded her, her passion for the art, affected the audience in a beautiful way. The love and the passion for music reverberated through myself long after the concert was over. Stacey Kent and her husband, Saxophonist Jim Tomlinson, created an atmosphere full of passion and love through their music.

Stacey Kent is currently touring through Europe and the UK. If you would love to be mesmerised by her dreamy music and her passion, you could witness her at the following places:

Oct 14 L’Agglo au Rythme du Jazz – Salles des Fates de Milhaud Milhaud, France

Oct 27 Wiltshire Music Centre – Little Ashley, United Kingdom

For other events and updates regarding her tour, you can visit her website:


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