Disc Jockey (DJ)

alfonso scarpa 2LGx4cQAMks unsplash 2 scaledBabylon is a multicultural site that integrates non-Irish people with the Irish atmosphere. We have three main components: Radio, fresh journalistic content and events. The internship is unpaid at the moment. The minimum duration is 3 months at the end of which, a letter of recommendation would be awarded to the successful interns.

Job Summary:

Babylon is looking for Full/Part-Time talented Web radio Disc Jockey (DJs)/Mixers to play genre-specific music. The candidate is expected to create radio content, produce and /or mix music sets and announce various topics of interest. The candidate should be able to plan and produce a quality show that generates ratings, through creative ideas, segments and production elements. Candidates must have unparalleled passion, work ethic and drive.


  • Picking and playing a programme of music to suit regular listeners
  • Co-ordinating studio output: personal microphone, music output, jingles and adverts 
  • Making sure there is no dead air time by keeping up a steady, natural flow of chat, music or features
  • Interacting with the audience by phone and using social media, such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Ensuring a smooth handover between presenters, before and after the shows if necessary
  • Candidates should be punctual, well-organized, enthusiastic and confident.



  • Technical know-how — not only aptitude with the mixing equipment, but also knowledge of the latest music software developments
  • Knowledge of and a passion for a wide range of music
  • Creativity and a sense of rhythm
  • Good coordination, timing and sense of humor to keep the audience interested
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of modern music trends
  • Good interpersonal skills


  • Minimum 1-year experience as a DJ.

If you find this opportunity suitable for you, send us your CV today. All applications will be considered.

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