Drop Dead Twice – Bring Your Own Cocktail

You bring the booze, they make the cocktails just the way you like. That’s the premise behind the new pop up Drop Dead Twice, a venue that is opening in Dublin tonight!

The motivation behind the pop up is that you don’t have to spend half the night looking at a cocktail menu that is the equivalent to a short novel. Or maybe some options sound a bit too adventurous? Head to Drop Dead Twice and let them take care of you. They pride themselves in their ability to bring you something you’ll really love involving your chosen spirit. So much so in fact, that their cocktails “defy the laws of cocktail physics – and actually taste pretty bloomin’ awesome”.

So what you have to do is head over to their website. Find a slot and book in for yourself and some friends. You pay 20 euro per person for a two hour slot. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of your favourite spirit with you! The crew a Drop Dead recommend a shoulder (350ml) per person.


So you arrive at their location on Francis St (near Christ Church), bottle of booze in hand, find your way inside. Chat to their mixologist, who finds out your preferences and proceeds to incorporate this with his expertise to provide you with 5 custom cocktails just for you. They provide the mixers, liqueurs and inspiration.
Now you’ve got the rest of the night to sit back and enjoy this novel cocktail experience new to the Dublin scene. Check out their instagram to get an idea of what they have to offer! They also cater for larger groups or events. 

Maybe you could make it part of your tour for the Irish Cocktail Festival!

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