Dublin is the best travel destination in Ireland

Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin.

Dublin is the best travel destination in Ireland. That’s according to the 2019 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards, which ranked the Irish capital in top spot based on user reviews and ratings.

The travel site explains that even though it is a city for the youth offering great nightlife and the best pint of Guinness, it is also a kid-friendly destination, perfect for a family holiday.

The top places to visit for this type of travellers are the Dublin Zoo, Stephen’s Green or the Phoenix Park, ideal places to ride a bike, to feed the ducks and the deer, or have a picnic.

But there is also a great variety of things to do, from visiting museums to going to the pub.

Killarney came in second place, offering the Killarney National Park as the best option for tourism; followed by Galway, Dingle and Cork.

The island is famous for its pubs, but it offers also legendary surfing spots, live music and ancient architecture.
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