Dublin police tracking bikes to reduce theft

The Gardaí are starting to use “bait bikes” with GPS tracking devices as a way to fight bycicle theft in Dublin.

The tactic started last June and could become a practical solution for a problem that has been growing in recent years. According to a Dublin Cycling Campaign, last year 4,950 bikes were reported stolen in Dublin, up from 1,873 in 2008. A rise of 167% which leaves an average of 14 stolen bikes per day.

Police corps claim these figures have been reduced by 10% since the introduction of the bait bikes, with 100 people arrested since June. An older Dublin Cycling Campaign survey also found that just 4% of bikes stolen in Dublin are recovered.

New campaign

The measure was announced yesterday together with a new campaign, supported by the City Council, the Gardaí and Dublin Cycling Campaign, to tackle bicycle theft in the city. The campaign recommends using secure locks, as one of their surveys found that 66% of bicycles stolen were using “easy-to-cut” locks.


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