Dublin’s Museums: Modern and Contemporary Art

Dublin is full of diverse museums. Visitors can choose from science, history or modern art. Our first collection of museums was dedicated to history and literature of Dublin and Ireland. Now is time to move on from the past. This series of museums is focused on modern and contemporary art.

Imma – Irish Museum of Modern Art
The Irish Museum of Modern Art is national institution located in Kilmainham, Dublin. Was officially opened to the public in 1991 in the beautiful historic building The Royal Hospital Kilmainham, which is from the 17th century. The IMMA is principally focused on collections, exhibitions of contemporary and modern art. The expositions change change frequently. The Museum has it’s own artistic pieces and as well hosting visiting exhibitions. As well as the exhibitions visitors can go to see the pleasant gardens that are a part of the Museum.
There are 5 exhibitions on at the moment. The first one, IMMA collection is called A Decade. It includes photos that show how the national collection of modern and contemporary art has evolved in the past 10 years. The Hennessy Art Fund for IMMA Collection displays four Irish based artists. The Exhibition If the Ground Should Open… by artist Jaki Irvine is patterned on Irvine’s 2013 novel ‘Days of Surrender’. The Plough and other stars: (Invited Curator Kate Strain) is an exhibition that suggests some alternatives to death – space travel, time travel and reincarnation. The last collection Historica – Republican Aesthetic: Invited Curator Sumesh Sharma show ‘the nation’ as a conceptual project and ‘modernism’ as an aspirational value..

Chester Beatty Library
The Chester Beatty Library is a National Cultural Institution situated in house of mining magnate Sir Alfred Chester Beatty on the ground of Dublin Castle. The Library was opened  to public in 2000. In 2002 it was named as European Museum of the Year.

The goal of The Chester Beatty Library is make the collections available to the public and usable for research and studies. Also support a wider appreciation and understanding of the international cultural heritage exhibit in the collections and as well as to strengthen relations between Ireland and the peoples whose cultures are represented in the collections. The Library’s selection contains some of the finest treasures of the great cultures and religions of the world.

The Chester Beatty Library is one of the nation’s most favoured National Cultural Institutions with a strong international profile. It has really good feedback from visitors, scholars, volunteers, as well as funders. Scholars from all over the world visit the Library regularly.

The Library offers permanent and temporary exhibitions, an intercultural learning programme and a wide variety of public activities for varied audience, all ages and backgrounds. It is welcoming space for the acknowledgment of world cultures.

IMOCA – The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art
The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art was established in 2007. It is an artist-led initiative devoted to acknowledge and appreciation of contemporary, experimental and emerging arts forms, and participation in it. The museum became in 2015 the Independent Museum of Contemporary Arts and expanded their commitment to educational, exhibition, collection platforms in arts centres and projects in multiple countries.

IMOCA actively supports artists and other arts groups exploring and working with new and emerging art practices. It offers opportunities for audiences to engage with developing contemporary art practices in all over the world. IMOCA provides residencies and resources of space and materials, workshops, consultation and exhibition.

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