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Halloween is almost upon us, and Babylon Radio is getting ready to get spooked! We’ve researched the some of the creepiest events to really get you in a ghoulish mood. For the lead up to Halloween we will be posting information about these events taking place around Ireland to celebrate Halloween – or ‘Oíche Shamhna’ in Irish.

The Bram Stoker Festival is a unique celebration taking place in Dublin over 4 nights with plenty of activities for people of all ages. This is the place to be for authentic Halloween activities, for a whole range of ages. We will be featuring the plethora events they have lined up in the upcoming weeks! 

The festival is an ode to the great Irish writer of the same name. Bram Stoker comes from Clontarf, Dublin. He studied mathematics in Trinity College where he became interested in theater. He wrote as a theater critic for The Dublin Evening Mail which lead to him meeting actor Henry Irving at the Shelbourne, and then later moved to London to work as business manager at Irving’s theater. He wrote several other stories and pieces of nonfiction however, none so memorable as Dracula.

The main character in his famous Gothic novel is inspired by Irving. The story follows the movements of Count Dracula and his quest to spread the curse of the undead, really bringing to life all the stereotypes we associate with vampires nowadays (blood sucking, garlic, steaks through the heart – that sort of thing). Part of its allure, mirrored in other stories such as Frankenstein, is the fact that it is written in epistolary form – the story is told through diary entries, telegrams and newspaper clippings.


So to get us started this week, what could be more appropriate than the movie of Stoker’s famous Gothic novel? There is a screening of the 1931 Dracula directed by Tod Browning with a live score to accompany the movie. It’s being held at the National Concert Hall and I am really looking forward to this event! It looks like a really haunting experience, perfect for cultivating a spooky atmosphere…

Tickets are 22 euro if you book the early bird tickets (otherwise they’re 27 euro).

Check us out tomorrow for the next Halloween event!

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