Fintan O’Sullivan


I’m Fintan, 21 year old Dublin native with a passion for music, mostly as a listener but also as a musician and sound engineer. I spend my free time attending as many gigs as I can afford and messing around with my samplers and synths. At Babylon Radio I present “Around The World” every Thursday, where i am digging in the virtual crates of the internet in search of exotic records from far and wide. As an engineer, I record, mixes and masters shows for our other presenters. Around The World About 2 hours of music by a variety of international artists. Any tune is fair game but only one from each country in every show. Electronic music composes the bulk of the programme, with a focus on funky House and spacey Techno. The dance music is arranged into a mix, sandwiched between two chilled out sections of Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz and a plethora of other styles from across the globe. Tune in on Thursdays from 10pm – 12pm.

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