Getting Back To Nature Without Leaving Dublin

Ireland is a beautiful country, known around the world as the Emerald Isle, and few features of Ireland’s natural beauty are more famous than its majestic cliffs.

The best known of these is undoubtedly the Cliffs of Moher, a breath-taking range more than 200m in height, which stretches 8km along the west coast of the country, a natural barrier to the wild Atlantic ocean.

These imposing rock formations are a must-see for anyone holidaying in Ireland, and attract up to a million visitors every year.

The cliffs are on the opposite side of the country from Dublin, however, and take 3-4 hours by bus to reach. While there are many tour operators running regular trips there, for those living and working in the city, an eight hour round trip may not be the most appealing way to spend the weekend.

Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful natural areas only a stone’s throw from Dublin itself.


Just south of Bray Head, this idyllic town was once a tiny fishing village, which has since grown to accommodate the steady flow of visitors from up the coast.

With its tiny coves and sheltered harbour, Greystones is perfect for a wander along the sand with no shoes on or fishing off the end of the quay, before heading back into the town for a cup of tea in one of the many cafes lining the front.


A poor man’s Moher, maybe, but the cliff walks at Howth are still enough to blow a year’s worth of cobwebs away.

With numerous routes and trails around the windswept headland, only a 40-minute dart from the city centre, this place is an ideal spot to get back in touch with nature and take some stunning photography.


The Wicklow mountains are a dominant feature of the eastern Irish coastal landscape, covering over 20,000 hectares, and contains some of Ireland’s highest peaks.

The mountains are barely an hour outside of the city, and are the source of the River Liffey, which runs through the city centre.

With stunning mountain landscapes, corrie lakes, heath and woodlands which support all kinds of wildlife including wild deer and peregrine falcons, it would be a crime to live in Dublin and not see Wicklow.

Dublin’s Parks

Dublin has a host of beauty spots all around the city, so you’re only ever within walking distance if you want to get back in touch with Mother Nature.

For a real look into Dublin’s many parks and gardens, have a look here.

All of these locations are not far from the city, and are easily reachable by bus, or bike, if you’re feeling energetic!

Details of the Dublin bus services can be found here.
Have a good day out!

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