Great Reasons to go Camping this Summer


Depending on who you ask, everyone has a different rationale for camping. Some people choose to unplug from technology and reconnect with the natural world. Some families go camping to reconnect with one other and get away from the distractions of everyday life. Many youth groups teach how to create a fire, pitch a tent, and read a compass to their students. To various individuals, camping signifies different things.

Camping in the vast outdoors allows us to remove ourselves from the busy strains of our daily routine for a short period of time. You also don’t have to drive far to have a wonderful camping experience, since there are pockets of nature almost everywhere.

Just like Vitamin C may help you prevent becoming sick by boosting your immunity, a dose of Mother Nature can help you reset your mind and keep you sane. People all around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the various advantages of camping. There are so many different ways to camp these days that it appeals to almost everyone. Campers are opting for Campervans, Bivvies, and more luxurious glamping options in addition to the traditional tent.

Essential life skills to learn

Some individuals have never been without the comforts of electricity, clean drinking water, or hot showers. Camping increases your appreciation for life’s simple pleasures and teaches you how to survive without most modern comforts—starting a fire, rationing food, constructing a shelter, and maybe even some basic cooking skills. When food is made outside, it simply tastes better. Cooking food over a campfire or on a camping grill has a certain appeal. It makes you feel like a caveman, bringing you back to your ancient roots.

These were previously essential abilities to know in order to get through each day. While we may not need to perform these things on a daily basis to survive, having this information may help you in a variety of circumstances throughout your life.

Camping pushes you to learn how to handle a range of tools, which are valuable skills to have for camping, and doing DIY projects and odd jobs around the house. For any outdoor trip, it’s critical to bring the appropriate tools as you don’t want to be put in a situation where you are inconvenienced because you left something at home. Leatherman, or any other multi-tool, is an essential piece of equipment for camping.#


Strengthening bonds with family and friends

 Camping helps you disconnect from electronic devices, such as phones and televisions, allowing you to have more face-to-face interactions with your family or friends. Direct discussions with individuals, where you get the chance to make eye contact and interpret each other’s emotions, cannot be compared to texting or Facebook messaging. Spending time alone with your loved ones allows you to talk about significant issues and express anything that is upsetting you. You can tell stories, reminisce about the past, and discuss your future.

Camping requires some teamwork, which will make you feel closer to one another as you tackle issues like pitching a tent and learning how to get things done in a new environment. Allow camping to be an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. It is often difficult to find the time to honestly spend meaningful time with family and friends throughout our hectic daily lives.


An affordable getaway

 Camping is also an excellent alternative for when you need a getaway but don’t have much money. Camping is one of the most cost-effective vacationing options. By not paying a lot of money for a hotel room, you’ll be able to save costs as a tent is an investment. You’ll also eat for a fraction of the cost because you’ll be depending on the goods you bring and cooking for yourself instead of eating out every night.

You need not spend a great deal on travel expenses either, since camping areas can readily be found a short distance from where you live. You don’t have to travel far to get a change of scenery and engage in exciting activities. Many outdoor activities you’ll enjoy on a camping trip are typically free if you have the necessary equipment. Enjoy birding, cycling, fishing, and other activities for less than the cost of a single hotel night.

If you live in Ireland, you may also take advantage of the numerous free camping sites near Coillte woods. Click Here to view a Recreation Map and choose a great camping location.


When the weather is nice, the scent of campfires and pine trees entices many people to go camping in the forests and mountains. Take to the woods at the start of summer, when the days are getting longer, or in the fall, when the nights are getting cooler and the leaves are starting to change.

Nothing beats sitting around a fire and cooking marshmallows now and again. I hope this article was enough to persuade you to get up and head out into the great outdoors to go camping this summer. When you’re out there, look up and explore the wonders of the cosmos using a star chart for your area of the planet or an app like Star Walk. When you consider what’s over your head, you’ll find that most issues seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

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