Events this Halloween – Horror films at the IFI

Scary films are like eating junk food when you’re trying to lose weight. You know you shouldn’t – because you’ll be up all night listening to every squeak and creak convincing yourself the house is haunted or killer clowns are going to break in. But you can’t help yourself. Your curiosity gets the better of you. They have a story to tell and you want to hear it, even if you have to sleep with the lights on for the next week.


Maybe you’re not one of these people – maybe you love the thrill of gore and the supernatural. Well this is good news for you! The Irish Film Institute are hosing a Horrorthon, and will be showing a great deal of horror films during the run up to Halloween. They have some serious creepy movies like Train To Busan and some more nostalgic such as The Fly. Some of the films might be new to you, so you won’t be stuck with the predictable Babadook; rather, you’ll get to experience some new films to the horror scene such as French/Belgian film Raw following the story of a vegetarian turned cannibal. Apparently this takes the cake for gorey scenes – paramedics had to be called to the Toronto International Film Festival because people fainted during the film.

Additional new films include Pet, Let Her Out (based on a medical condition known as vanishing twin) and 31 (which advise you to avoid if you are terrified by the latest clown craze) (but it does sounds really interesting). This years Horrorthon Honour features to Peter Cushing, an actor known for his horror films and collaborations with Christopher Lee. He stars in three of the movies being screened for Horrorthon: Twins of Evil, Corruption and The Vampire Lovers.

With over 30 horror films being shown from the 27th-31st of October, you should come to at least one over the Halloween period. There is a surprise film being shown on Sunday the 30th! Find tickets here and the full list of films here.

To see yesterday’s Halloween event click here. Check back tomorrow for more events!

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