“He’s not a terrorist, he’s an idiot”

Egypt Air plane hijacker is not a terrorist

A total of 55 people were on board the plane, which landed in Larnaca airport in Cyprus less than an hour after takeoff at 8am local time. The plane, an EgyptAir domestic flight, was travelling from Alexandria to Cairo.


The pilot, co-pilot, and three cabin crew members remain on board, along with three passengers, EgyptAir tweeted today just before midday.


Egypt minister for Civil Aviation Sherif Fathy said the hijacker had demanded that the plane land in either Turkey or Cyprus.


“He had no gun or anything. We don’t know yet whether his (explosives) belt is real but for the safety of passengers we are dealing with it as real,” he said. Citing security sources, Cypriot state media reported that the motives of the hijacker appeared personal, and had asked to contact his ex wife, who lives in Cyprus.

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