HWCH: Weekend full of a great music

The Hard Working Class Heroes is an annual music festival that goes on in Dublin. It takes place in varied spaces across the city. This 14th year was full of great concerts living up to the previous ones.

The HWCH took place over three days from 6th to 8th of October. More than one hundred acts attended the festival. The main venues where artists from Ireland and other parts of the world performed their gigs were The Chocolate Factory, WigWam, The Hub, The Workmans Club, Tengu and City Hall. In addition to the main event there was also HWCH & The City. During the three festivals days there were free gigs across the city. Visitors could choose from diverse genres as Hip Hop, alternative, soul, indie and pop. Another part of the HWCH was Convection at the Chocolate Factory that included talks, discussions, encounters, speed sessions, workshops and conversations with US, UK and European industry.

The Chocolate Factory
Babylon Radio had the pleasure of attending the last day of the event in The Chocolate Factory. The Line-Up was strong. Seven artists were featured on two stages during the night. The programme started at 7.30 pm with the alternative band Harbouring Oceans. At the same time BlueMusic was getting ready, a pop band from County Limerick. Lots of people were looking forward to seeing JAFARIS: a young artist from Dublin with his amazing rap show.

The crowd got bigger and numbers of people grew throughout the night. The next artist was Chris Kabs and his Afro Pop/Soul style with contemporary R&B sound. Chris and his band was trying to engage whole audience in dancing and singing. People were getting slowly into it and mood became better during the concert.
Chris Kabs, Photo by Stephen White

Immediately after Chris Kabs, Rusangano Family started to play. The energetic trio from Limerick and their Hip Hop music that mixes a global variety of cultures and traditions. Whole gig was very dynamic and everybody enjoyed it a lot. Artists were going through the crowds, dancing and spreading good energy.
Rusangano Family, Photo by Stephen White

The second last one was a singer, rapper and song-writer from Carlow Dammy Ari. His music genres are Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Reggae and Pop. If anybody didn’t dance before this performance, they definitely started now. Dammy drew everybody from the audience with his great music that he could perform with so much expression. Everyone had an amazing time.
Dammy Ari, Photo by Sabina Šrámková

The whole evening was ended with something a little different by Kid Karate. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Kevin Breen and drummer Steven Gannon. Their music is alternative based on guitar-work and atypical howl. A fascinating finale kept the audience in a good mood and left a great feeling.

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