{:en}Irish people spend more than €1,000 buying convenient lunches{:}

By Dearan / June 23, 2015

{:en}The favourite choice for a quick lunch is the ham and cheese sandwich

A homemade lunch is becoming a rarity in the country. And whose fault is that? The new lifestyle they have, more work less time to cook. Besides, the health problems this new habit can bring, their wallets are complaining.

A new research conducted by Flora Light found that those who opt to get their lunch from supermarkets or cafes can spend a lot of money per year. The study showed that convenient lunches cost the average Irish person €25 each week. This amount is €1,300 per  year.

Ham and cheese is Ireland’s favourite sandwich. And the the classic BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) is in the second position. Cajun chicken sandwich was the third most popular, while mayo was the favourite sauce for 53pc of the Irish population.

About the breads, the brown type was the favourite choice, followed by wraps, sourdough and white bread.{:}

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