{:en}Israel blames UN over Hamas connected NGO{:}

{:en}ISRAEL has criticized the United Countries after it permitted a Palestinian non-legislative association that it said is connected to Hamas to be heard at the world body.

THE UN board of trustees on non-legislative associations voted 12 to 3 in support, with three abstentions, of perceiving the English based Palestinian Return

Focus as a perpetual NGO with access to the world body’s numerous fora.

The Israeli mission to the United Countries said in an announcement that the PRC “advances hostile to Israel publicity in Europe” and that senior PRC individuals have binds to different associations that exchange trusts to Hamas.

Israeli Minister Ron Prosor said the move added up to the United Countries giving “Hamas an inviting festival at its principle passage, permitting it to be a

full member”.

The United States, Uruguay and Israel voted against perceiving the PRC as a perpetual NGO, while Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey and Venezuela were among

the countries that bolstered their application at the United Countries.

Israel announced the PRC unlawful in 2010 in the wake of confirming that it “serves as a hierarchical and facilitating wing of Hamas in Europe”.

A year ago, Israel battled a 50-day war against Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip, leaving more than 2,200 Palestinians dead.{:}

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