{:en}‘It made me cry’: Generation Emigration expresses pride at same-sex marriage result{:}

{:en}Tom Morris

I am so moved by what Ireland has done. I am surprised by how much this has impacted me emotionally. I’m a gay Irish American with roots in Manorhamilton, Leitrim. I am deeply grateful to all the Yes voters. To the legion of non-LGBT people who worked so hard to bring this day to Ireland: thank you for your love. I wish I could be there to thank you in person.

Catherine Collins

Absolutely thrilled about the vote. Flew in to Ireland on Thursday from Brussels and had to fly back on Friday after voting at half past seven in the morning. Shows just how far Ireland has come. Turnout was amazing and the #hometovote people made me cry. I was immensely proud to be Irish today.

Benjamin Hemmens

I’m not sure proud is the right word because I didn’t have any hand in it. Apart from the odd couple of months I haven’t lived in Ireland since 1988, basically all my adult life. It feels like it could be a huge watershed . . . Irish people finally deciding to cut people a bit of slack. So many of these campaigns have been fought and unfortunately won on a tide of sourness and meanness. For once it seems as though many people had a clear idea of the humans whose rights they were voting on.

Irish Times{:}

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