This nation, a melting pot of ideas and cultures, has some interesting venues to listen to jazz and dive into that retro atmosphere, enjoying the genuine guitar riffs and melancholy polyphonies that only true jazz can provide. 

If you’re in the mood to change the “Irish” journey of your evening a bit and try other musical thrills that have nothing to do with the Irish Folk and any cover of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” or you want to enjoy the sound of scratching Blues and jam Jazz , take a look at this selection of places chosen especially for you, all over Dublin.


Arthur’s Pub

With its 200 years of history, this pub can claim to have seen them all. Just a few meters away from the Guinness Store, it promotes the best Irish beer ever served. Because of its centuries-old history, it has welcomed all possible genres and therefore jazz of course. Divided on several floors, the small room on the first floor is a restaurant by day but a room equipped with a cosy stage for live jazz music in the evening. 

Make a note of it:  five days a week, starting at 8.30/9.30 pm (depending on the gig).

Where: 28 Thomas Street D08 VF83 – Dublin


The International Bar

The international bar is probably the place where the genuine polyphony of jazz and blues fills the room and the soul. Filled with history and passion, passed down from generation to generation, this pub displays its majesty and classic style with its oak counters and dark mahogany walls that give a touch of vintage atmosphere all over.

This is certainly amplified by the improvised jazz shows during the week especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 21.30. 

It’s the ideal place to have a quiet beer and enjoy the various artists following one another on the small stage. 

Where: 23 Wicklow St, Dublin, D02 VH59


The Grand Social

This is probably the most versatile place to find in Dublin to listen to live music or go dancing. In the heart of the city. Right in front of the Ha’ Pennys Bridge, the Grand Social offers an unexpected variety of locations inside. But it’s the Loft that is of most of the interest for live jazz enthusiasts. With its boho style, it evokes one of those environments where gipsy jazz is born, nomadic and full of vitality as the audience around at the weekly evenings organized.

Unmissable, every Monday from 6 pm. What a way to start the week!

Where: 35 Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1


The Searson’s

A little bit out of the touristic way, lies this award-winning venue. Sort of a young place, the Searson’s is a proper place to taste great whisky (their own!!) and cold ales to the sound of that scratchy and upbeat jazz. Every Sunday from 5.30 until 8.30, you’ll be able to jamming and humming to the best melodic lines into spaces.

Where: 42-44 Baggot Street Upper, Dublin 4, D04 V210


The Leeson Lounge

Although the offer of this pub doesn’t really differ from others with live music in Dublin, The Leeson Lounge knows how to stand out. Located in the heart of Portobello, surrounded by its lovely canals and full of locals, this pub hosts a great number of entertaining jam sessions of blues and jazz.

Here you’ll always find some musicians provided of double-bass or sax, ready to spice up the night. The jazz is top-notch and the beer is extraordinary. 

Where: 148 Leeson Street Upper, Dublin, Irland