Kodaline are Coming Up For Dublin!

By Natalia Ilina / December 19, 2017

{:en}They’ll see you soon, whistling your favourite tunes: Kodaline are coming to Dublin for a special New Year concert at Custom House.

The band was founded by Steve Garrigan and Mark Prendergast, two Irish lads who grew up in Swords, Dublin. They’ve known each other since they were eight, started hanging out and skateboarding with another future member of the band, Vinny May, at the age of 13. A couple of years later they met Jay – Jason Boland. The band was complete and in 2012, Kodaline took off.

Since then, hundreds of tours, gigs and festivals – PinkPop in the Netherlands, Mad Cool Festival in Spain and the US tour. The first album, In a Perfect World, the second, Coming Up For Air and then… a three-year break.

“Real life stuff got in the way,” said the drummer Vincent May. Since the release of the first album, it was a bit of a mad dash, and “we never took time off to do normal stuff for a while. We all took holidays and I got married and Jay got married. It feels like it was a long process but things happened,” explained Vinny.

Now, the foursome are back on track. Working hard to launch their third album, which is pretty much done, in April next year. Having been together for so long, Jay, Vinny, Mark and Steve are completely in sync: “We don’t really have to talk about what we are doing anymore, we can just play and kinda know where someone else is going.” It was a long and exciting process, as Jay said – “We were finished, twice. And then we were unfinished. It was unfinished for the right reasons. What we have been doing recently is way better and we’re all extremely happy and proud of where we are now. We can’t wait for people to hear it.”

And hear them you will – this December, Kodaline comes back to where they started. On the 31st, their fans will enjoy a mix of their first and second albums and also a couple of new songs. The musicians are ecstatic to be back in their hometown – they played at countless festivals and parades around the world, but “but the vibe is never gonna be the same as in Dublin.”

Don’t stall – there are still some tickets left, but not for long. You can buy them at Ticketmaster or directly on the band’s website.







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