Love Island – What is the hype all about?

Love Island - What is the hype all about

If you live in Ireland and are remotely active on social media, you will have noticed that Love Island has started again. Every magazine is covering it and a lot of people mention it in conversations. I have never seen Love Island before or even heard of it.To give people like me an overview on how the dating show works I’ve started watching it and put an overview together. 

What is it?

Love Island is one of many dating shows that are around at the moment. With Too Hot To Handle in the top ten on Netflix, Love Island goes the traditional way and airs Mondays to Fridays from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Virgin Media One. If you miss an episode, you can rewatch it on the Virgin Media One app. 

The show is quite straightforward: Ten singles want to find true love. The “best” couple, or whoever truly falls in love during the show, wins prize money. 

The couple ups

At the start of the show, we have five gorgeous girls, all in their twenties, coming into a villa in their bikinis and having a chat. After a long time of them being by themselves, the host comes in and prepares the girls for their possible partners.
All the girls line up and are now waiting for their first possible lover to enter. One by one a man comes in and has free choice on who he wants to couple up with. His decision is based on the girls’ looks rather than their character. 

During the first episode it is often mentioned that instant attraction is just as important as someone’s character. Whether that’s true or not is a different question. 

The show

Once everyone has their partner, the couples start getting to know each other better. Chats that you normally wouldn’t have on dates and games with dares like “lick your partner’s toe for thirty seconds” are supposed to help the couple come closer. 

Listening to their chats is entertaining in itself as people talk about their favourite sex positions like “the scissors”, as well as asking whether one is attracted to the other. 

The games the islanders play are not always getting the couple closer. Sometimes it is the opposite and people realise they don’t like each other. 

The show gets interesting when couples mix up and people make out with partners from different couples.

Plot twist

So far, a few new people have joined since day one. We got one new girl, called Chloe, and two new guys, Liam and Chuggs. This leads to uneven numbers between girls and boys. So, what will happen next? 

Chloe could choose whoever she wanted to couple up with, leaving another girl single. But there are still two new guys. So, how are the producers going to get rid of the uneven number between men and women? I know because I’ve watched the episodes, but, for you to know, you will have to watch it yourselves. Their solution was definitely different from what I expected. 


As of today, the second week on Love Island has started. We are currently at season 7 and, looking back at the past six seasons, there are a few things that can be said. Many couples break up after their trip to Love Island. I could’ve guessed that without looking it up, but there is the chance of couples staying together. One of them is Camilla and Jamie who announced three years after the start of their relationship on Love Island that they are expecting a baby. 

Overall, Love Island is successful in its format. Thousands of people  watch it every year. It’s entertaining, sometimes shocking, and exciting to watch. The couples change around a lot and you wonder who will end up with whom. 

If you would like a bit of amusement in the evening or want to rewatch the series while you are doing some housework, it is worth a watch and will keep you entertained. 

Would you ever consider being Love Island? Let us know in the comments.


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