Miss Brazil 2016: A Record Breaking moment for Raissa Santana

Why is this so important? This is because since its inception this is the second time a black woman has been awarded the title. Miss Raissa Santana is from the Southern state of Paraná of Brazil and is 21 years old. The last time this title was awarded to a black woman was 30 years ago in 1986 when Deise Nunes was crowned

According to plus55 the statistics of black female contestants this year were high and this should not be the case for a multi-ethnic and multicultural society. However, Raissa’s win is still spectacular because 6 out of 27 contestants were black. The Latin Times is of the opinion that the 6 contestants represented in the pageant is not a proper representation of Brazil as a country.

Babylon Radio spoke to Bàrbara Soares who is a journalist from  Brazil on her thoughts and opinions on the subject and she said “the colour of your skin, or your nationality, is more important than who you are as a person, and that is so wrong. Nowadays, many women would consider competitions such as the ‘Miss Universe’ sexist, and I do agree in terms. Even though, if you disagree with those ‘Miss’ competitions, you must know that it is not going to change any time soon; so having a black woman representing Brazil, and hopefully the same happens in many other countries, is a victory! Not only that, but thousands of black kids are watching that, and building up that confidence which shouldn’t even need to be built because we are all the same, and all beautiful”.

The Beauty Queen took to social media to thank her supporters, “the great day has come!!! My heart is full of gratitude and happiness !! Thanks to everyone who helped me prepare, thanks to all who are supporting me, an affectionate hug to everyone” she said.  We miss Miss Santana the best of luck in all her endeavours as a Beauty Queen.

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