MPs debate Brexit options

By Juliane Girl / March 27, 2019

Today, MPs are deciding on the Brexit plans after putting forward several proposals. This happens after the MPs took over the control of the House from the government. The debates include: no-deal Brexit, forming a customs union and a confirmatory referendum.

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said of the deal: “Half a loaf is better than no bread.” He told the BBC that he would back the deal if the Democratic Unionist Party does. Right now, the government is still working on persuading the DUP MPs, Commons leader Andrea Leadsom said.

The passing of the deal is said to also depend on the 10 Northern Irish MPs. They, however, have insisted on “significant changes” to the deal and urged Tory MPs not to accept a deal without it.

Conservative MPs can vote freely which means that they can support or reject the proposals as they like without being pressured by party whips. This decision was made to prevent more than a dozen ministers from quitting in case they would be forced to obey party orders. Labour MPS on the other side, are expected to support the proposal made by their own party.

Even though her deal has been voted down twice by the MPs, Theresa May is still trying to win support for her Brexit proposal. She’s addressing the Conservative backbench 1922 Committee on Wednesday evening. In her address in front of the Committee, she said that she will stand down as Prime Minister if her deals gets through. She said she will not lead the next phase of Brexit negotiations.

Commons leader Andrea Leadsom sees a realistic chance in bringing back the PMs deal for another vote, saying: “If we could simply get the withdrawal agreement bill underway…once we have done that, once we have left the EU, we can then look at what our future relationship will look like.”

This week’s Friday is the originally set date for the UK to leave the EU. Today, MPs will also vote on a delay of the deadline with April the 12th as the most likely earliest Brexit date.


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