The Music Town festival

By Dearan / April 11, 2017

If you live in Dublin permanently or just came to do some sightseeing, you may notice that the city is pretty lively. Almost everyday, there are same events, workshops, concerts, festivals etc going on.

As you would expect, during this week, there are some interesting events happening as well such as the Music Town festival.

The idea of the festival is to celebrate Irish culture and promote local artists. It is believed that Dublin, as the most musical city in Ireland, is the perfect the location for festival.

The festival hosted famous artists such as Craig David, members of Our’s Lady Choir, Brandy and Irvine and Melani C, as well as held improvised music and silent film projects and an International Choir Festival.

Music Town will take place in different locations across Dublin. You can imagine the city teeming with life and being filled with music from diverse music genres. You may find pop, rock, folk, electronic, opera and classical artists. It may be a good opportunity discover new different types of music.

The artists, who you may want to check out this year are :

Golden Age and Celtic Tiger Dublin – the musical project led by composer Kevin O’Connell

Neema- mingles folk music with electronic and enrich her songs by Egyptian elements. She uses metaphors and spiritual allusions which definitely make her an unique artist.

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Globe – is a music theater, which connects Irish music and artists with sounds from different countries. Both traditional and modern music have an impact on their performances.

Ryley Walker – represents teh indie and folk genre

Image result for Wabi- Sabi Soul 3D

Wabi- Sabi Soul 3D – the performance contains digital, textual and musical elements. It seems to be a fusion of music and cinema.

Mel C- is a British artist, who will entertain you with melancholic and romantic music.

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The festival takes place on 8th-17th April

Some of the concerts are free, for some you have to book a ticket.

To find out more, check out the website :

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