{:en}NASA’s “Space Crab”{:}

{:en}A strange object discovered in a recent photo from NASA of Mars has caused those interested in astronomy and conspiracy theorists alike to wonder exactly what the image is.


The image in question is of a shape on the face of rocks that has been giving the name of the “Martian space crab”. Other people however claim that is an alien or another life form. A Facebook group by the name of ‘Journey to the Surface of the Moon’ are one such group of theorists who believe the image to be of an extraterrestrial. Scientists were quick to disprove this idea.


A senior astronomer at the Center for SETI Research named Seth Shostak has said that the reason people see the crab is due to a phenomenon called pareidolia. This is when you see animals in clouds or shapes in random objects. Shostak states that this is the reason for the commotion.


As of today, another photo has caused much more commotion than the crab. A picture taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover has shown a figure on Mars. UFO Sightings Daily have said that the figure is a woman and that there is life out there. The more likely explanation to this is pareidolia mentioned by astronomer Seth Shostak.{:}

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