{:en}Optimize the Sound around you with Earbuds{:}

{:en}A company by the name of Doppler Labs have come up with an idea to be able to optimize the sound around them. Located in New York, their CEO Noah Craft says that when he hears the busy streets of the city from his office, he is reminded that his world isn’t sound-optimized. Their solution to this issue is a pair of earbuds.


The earbuds are designed to change how you input sound rather than completely blocking it out. For example the earbuds would allow you turn down the cries of a baby, turn down the noise of construction workers, turn down the horns of cars etc. On another side, the earbuds would allow you to turn up specific sounds that you like such as the bass at a concert.


Doppler Labs have raised over $6,000 on Kickstarter and have gotten $17 million from investors The Chernin Group and Acequia Capital.


Two interesting aspects of the earbuds are the music features. The first feature is an equalizer that changes how you hear the bass, mids, and trebles of music. The second is things that you can add to music such as an echo.


If you wish to learn more about Doppler Labs, you can visit their website at http://www.dopplerlabs.com. If you want to donate to their Kickstarter, you can visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dopplerlabs/here-active-listening-change-the-way-you-hear-the .

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