Organic Vibes

A Dublin-based online DJ with a passion for many different types of music – old and new. In the past he has worked in record shops and radio stations. He enjoys digging for new tunes and this is reflected on the radio show from his kitchen table in suburban Dublin. 

Organic Vibes, presented by Iano, is a programme that began on another online radio station back in 2017. I wanted an original name for my show and this was the one that I came up with. The intention with every edition of the programme is to try and play a range of music styles or genres in a fixed time frame. For the future of Organic Vibes, I’d like feedback from listeners and to have greater interaction with them. So do listen in and feel the Organic Vibes for yourselves!

You can follow the show here:

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Organic Vibes
Organic Vibes
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