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Dublin Going Vegan

By Sambhavi Sudhakar / June 16, 2018

              As one of the twenty first century’s fastest growing movements, veganism entails exceptional moral, health and environmental benefits. In propagating a lifestyle that categorically abstains from the commodification of all sentient beings, the philosophy of veganism is deeply intertwined with animal ethics. Contrary to its conventional perception as highly limited in terms of options, […]


What is Direct Provision?

By Jade Wilson / January 11, 2018

The term ‘Direct Provision’ has made its way into the news a lot more frequently in recent months. In November, hundreds of people gathered to protest against the system that has spanned almost eighteen years now. Despite the attention Direct Provision is finally beginning to garner, there is still confusion amongst the public about what […]


Wrestling With the “Aussie” Flu

By Natalia Ilina / January 8, 2018

According to the latest statistics, around 4,5 million people in the UK are suffering from  “influenza-like symptoms”. Some churches have even implemented infection prevention measures, the first time since the 2008/9 swine flu outbreak. Priests are encouraged to disinfect their hands before distributing Holy Communion, also, handshakes are banned during services. The Republic of Ireland […]


Things To Do in Dalkey!

By Gamze Yarsi / November 28, 2017

Dalkey or Deilginis (Irish for Thorn Island) is one of the seaside towns on the south of Dublin. Dalkey has an ancient, rich and varied history. It was founded as a Viking settlement and became an active port during the Middle Ages. According to chronicler John Clyn (c.1286–c.1349), it was one of the ports through […]


The Power of Now!

By Gamze Yarsi / November 15, 2017

When was the last time you remember being “in the moment”? Here is a question for you: For how long have you managed to stay ‘in the moment’? If you were to give yourself a score, how many points would you score? What exactly do we mean when we say ’now’? Whatever you’re doing, are […]


Buy one – get one free!

By Natalia Ilina / November 11, 2017

Hurry, hurry. Or you’ll miss the special deal from Starbucks. Tomorrow, from 2p.m. to 5p.m., buy one Christmas drink, and get another one absolutely free. The offer includes Chestnut Praline Latte, Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulee Latte, Eggnog Latte, Holiday Spice Flat White and Teavana Joy brewed tea. Anything you want – you got it! You […]


Ireland’s First Cat Lounge Opened in Dublin!

By Gamze Yarsi / October 20, 2017

Cat Lounge finally opened its doors to the public in Dublin on 10th of October. This cat lounge was opened by Georgina O’Neill, an avid animal lover who was inspired by the cat cafés in Japan. Georgina said, “My brother was in Japan and it’s full of cat cafés and I was thinking ‘why don’t […]


October Exhibitions in Dublin!

By Gamze Yarsi / October 11, 2017

All the time Dublin open its doors to a lot of exhibitions. It is good to check their dates. And don’t forget to save dates for these amazing exhibitions! I Am Irish -Exhibition & Conversation I Am Irish is a celebration of diversity. After a highly successful launch at the London Irish Centre in celebration […]


Notes From Gamze

By Gamze Yarsi / October 3, 2017

Do You Need to Prune Yourself? Trees are pruned at certain times. Have you ever thought why they need it? The first and most important reason is undoubtedly to prolong their life and fertility. People need to prune from time to time, like trees. Sometimes we have to sit down and take time for ourselves […]


From ‘First Person’ to ‘First Person’

By Gamze Yarsi / September 25, 2017

Notes From Gamze From “First Person” to “First Person” Life begins with the first person. For a time, you stay as one person at a time among countless ones. You breathe, you crawl, you walk, you run, you see, you hear… In the beginning you don’t know anything, you begin to learn everything. Innocent days […]

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