Radio Station Manager

Babylon is a multicultural site that integrates non-Irish people into Ireland. We have four main components: Informational content, radio, fresh journalistic content and events. The internship is unpaid at the moment. The minimum duration is 3 months at the end of which, a letter of recommendation would be awarded to the successful interns.

Job Summary:

On a day-to-day basis, a radio station manager at Babylon must supervise and coordinate the schedules, workflow, and responsibilities of other radio presenters. As a station manager, you are responsible for making all of the final decisions when it comes to what content is aired, what songs are to be played, what new stories are included and more. The station manager is the person that hires and trains new radio presenters. Communication is the key and we at Babylon are looking for someone with a keen interest in the radio field and a positive and creative attitude. 


  • Generating concepts for new radio shows and directing presenters and other team members
  • Planning all aspects of a show like scheduling and sourcing
  • Ensuring everything runs on schedule while the show is on-air
  • Using various broadcasting technologies such as soundboards and editing/production software
  • Monitoring audience numbers and tailoring a show to meet demands
  • Be able to give and receive constructive feedback and manage performance
  • Editing pre-recorded shows if required
  • Work calmly, effectively under pressure, react quickly, and meet tight deadlines


  • Knowledge of the Radio market, different station and programme styles, Ability to generate original ideas, and to think creatively about how to communicate them
  • Networking with other businesses, organizations and agencies to increase the market for advertising
  • Developing employee schedules and overseeing the daily operation of the station
  • Knowledge of on-air and remote broadcasting processes, public radio principles, procedures, operations, and standards and ability to operate radio station equipment.
  • Highly developed managerial/leadership skills, including training, coaching, delegating and motivating team members.
  • Any journalistic experience as well as knowledge of social media and technologies.
  • Prior Experience as a station manager.

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